Monday, June 16, 2014

I have been asked to post all of the achievement stickers my daughter has received since the last one I posted back in April.

This one  cracked me up.  It is like getting a participation trophy.  Of course, for some children, participation does not come easily, so maybe they do deserve an award for it.

Sorry!  I have been slack on posting.
These are the supplements she is taking:

DHA 500 if she takes capsules and give one in the morning and one in the evening a day. Or Pharmax High DHA Finest Pure Fish Oil 150 ml if you want a liquid and give half a teaspoon in the morning and half a teaspoon in the evening. or

Ther Biotic Infant Formula and give as per the label once day for three months. Get it shipped quickly because it is live; but you don’t have to have it shipped with ice so if that charge pops up delete it. Store it in the fridge when you receive it. or This is chosen specifically because it does not have L. Acidophilus in it.

Vitaspectrum by Klaire Labs. If you choose the capsule form give three capsules a day for three months then switch to a multivitamin with less B complex in it. If you choose the powder form give half a teaspoon a day. or

P-5-P Plus by Klaire Labs and give one a day for two months. This is a supplement with B6 and magnesium in it. or

Vitamin C product that gives 1000 mgs a day of Vitamin C and that has some bioflavonoids in it. Give 1000 mgs a day for two months, then 500 mgs a day for one more month.

Vitamin E 200 IUs and give one a day for three months. Solgar has a product Solgar Vitamin E 100 Softgels 200 IU or Let me know if she would prefer a liquid form and I will find her one. These capsules are small.

Now that I have posted this, I realize I have been giving the wrong portions.  She will be happy to know that she only needs 1/4 teaspoon of the probiotics (infant formula).  She can't stand the taste and it doesn't come in capsule form.  I thought that was the 3 times a day one.  Ooops!

She has adjusted well to not having dairy, eggs and barley.  Most of it was just changing name brands of the foods she usually eats.  She likes almond milk (not coconut milk) so that is a bonus.  Her birthday is this week and we will use that time for her one month challenge.  If she doesn't feel any different, then I don't see any point in continuing the diet.  I will continue the supplements until we run out.  I think I will keep her on the magnesium.  I always felt she was low in magnesium, long before I heard of Brain Balance.

Brain Balance let us go a few extra sessions since we are moving and they know we won't be able to enroll her again.  Her final test is tomorrow.

My general synopsis of Brain Balance is that they are a good program and do improve ADHD, but not to the extent they say it will.  I am satisfied with the results I have seen for the $6,500 I paid.  Results include better grades, scoring above average and high average on end of grade state exams, improved writing skills, increased desire to practice difficult skills, being self aware, improved athleticism, and catching herself being weird.  I am guessing the more she catches herself being weird the less it will occur.  Do these increases mean she is going to be an honor roll student and get herself into the academically gifted program at school?  I don't know, but I will let you know how she does at school next year.