Saturday, April 12, 2014

Catching up on Brain Balance with my daughter from last week.

Friday, in addition to the vibrating strap on her left leg she had another vibrating strap placed around her left arm.  They placed an ipod shuffle on the back of her shirt with a wire that attaches to glasses that have a little red light blinking to help dialate her left eye.  And there is a little earphone by her ear that beeps consistently.  While wearing all of that she had to work on the computer exercises with the arrows, remember words, do fine motor exercises with pegs,  keep time with the cowbell, and walk forwards, backwards and side to side on the balance beam while looking up,.  Then all the equipment comes off for her to hang on the monkey bars for 7 seconds and do 9 push-ups and try to hold a side plank for 60 seconds. She still holds a front plank on the exercise ball.

She went up some levels while I was out in Utah.

This was the first time I saw her go up in the academic room, so that is nice.


  1. Are these the glasses that she is using?

    1. Yes! Except they use the violet rush lens with her.

  2. Can you give more feedback now that a year has passed? Has your daughter reverted back to any ADD symptons that had previously disappeared? Do you feel that any specific symptons were cured/fixed? Processing speed. I know you posted that THEY said she went up x amount of years in a specified challenge but do YOU feel she did? Can't seem to find long term results and we are seriously looking at the program for our child.