Friday, March 28, 2014

       My daughter went up another level in lateral core (ability to hold a side plank on her forearm), balance beam (walking on beam forward, backward and side to side), fine motor (ability to quickly put pegs in holes) and dichotic listening (hearing a different word in each ear at the same time).
       We had a discussion last night about her new found attitude and she explained it like this:  "I just feel like I'm more aware of everything, so I've become more sensitive to things."  This is true, because when we were in the car and she spoke with frustration, all I said was "tone" and she recognized what she had did and apologized.  Before she wouldn't have recognized immediately why I would think something was wrong with what she said.  Also, her writing has become better without the sloppy mistakes that were being made only two weeks ago.  She feels this is because she has been writing essays at Brain Balance.

      She's happy she got to start on the exercise ball today. She has to hold the following position for 60 seconds.

    Usually when I whine and complain about something I immediately discover that I'm wrong, and so it is the case with Brain Balance this week. I complained that her auditory and visual processing are not improving then I see her write a perfect rough draft essay and pick up on cues not previously recognized. I'm not sure if that means I should not be so impatient and withhold my whining or if I should complain more and see more results.  A parent told me that when she levels up in dichotic listening then she is getting better in auditory processing.  

     I'm flying out west for next week so my husband will be taking her to Brain Balance.  I'll make sure to get the details from him so I can continue to make the posts.

    Thanks for the comments!  It keeps me motivated to continue blogging.


  1. I am so glad I found your blog! Our 8 year old daughter started Brain Balance 2 weeks ago and we are finally getting into a routine with the whole thing. We just got the results of her blood test back and we will be implementing some major diet changes next week. I love reading about the experiences others have had with this program and I will continute to follow your posts.

  2. Please do keep blogging about your experience. I am considering putting my son in the program and am trying to weed through all the information and misinformation available online. Thanks!

  3. I'm the Assistant Director for the Brain Balance in Pittsburgh. I am not what most would consider a bleeding heart. However my job makes me cry on a weekly basis when seeing the tremendous changes from our kids. I am so incredibly hopeful for your daughter, and thankful that you are blogging about it. I believe it will help lots more kids in the future!