Thursday, March 6, 2014

     Today I spoke with a mother of four who has a daughter currently enrolled in Brain Balance.  I asked her what she thought of it and she immediately responded, "It's amazing!"  She also said that it was a lot of work and if I was going to enroll my daughter I needed to be dedicated.  Not only do you have to change the diet but you have to do the home exercises with your child.  Having four children and trying to set time to do those home exercises with her daughter was difficult but she made sure it was done.

     Just like T, she had immediate results with better behavior and focus with her daughter.  The mother also mentioned that her teachers were making comments about how improved her daughter was in school.   I asked if it was the change in diet or the exercises that made such a difference in her daughter.  She said that she felt they were equally important and I needed to do them both diligently.  The bottom line is that Brain Balance works, but it is no miracle pill.  There is a lot of responsibility on the parent to make sure that the program is implemented into their daily life.

     It looks like I will be enrolling my daughter into Brain Balance tomorrow.  Everyone I have met who has had a child in Brain Balance eagerly praises their program.  I have yet to meet anyone who did not like them or even thought they were just okay.  So far, everyone LOVES Brain Balance and would pay double the price if that was what was required.  I'm going to have to do some fundraising.
     I will be posting what she does at Brain Balance at each session and take pictures to help you see what they do there.  I will also blog about how well I'm doing at implementing the program at home.  I have a three year old that could take the place of four children by herself, but I won't know if she will make things more difficult until I find out what they want me to do.  I have previously had my daughter do some exercises from their book "Disconnected Kids" but I'm not sure if I had her doing them correctly.  I have to admit I am most nervous about what foods I am going to have to cut from her diet.

Wish us luck!

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