Tuesday, March 11, 2014

    Yesterday, Larry and I went for our parent training at Brain Balance while our daughter had her tiring and "boring" session.  The psychologist went over our responsibilities at home and all the exercises she is supposed to do.  She has to do all of the ones highlighted in orange.  Core exercises are just proper push ups and sit ups.  Brain Balance music is about a 15 minute CD that she plays in her left ear using headphones.  They say we can also play it in the car and turn all the speaker settings to her left side, but we haven't done that.  The music is a little weird and she finds it distracting to play when she is studying.

Here are the famous eye exercises that my referrals were telling me about. The psychologist explained that we want to make sure your eyes are evenly yoked.  I noticed that when she was doing the Eye Alignment exercise that one eye would adjust more quickly than the other.  With practice, that should go away.  She tried it on me and my eyes do the same thing.

     The Landau reflex is an infant reflex where when they are on their belly and raise their hands their feet also pop up.  They tell me that this reflex goes away completely around the age of 18 months.  They are trying to squash this reflex in my 13 year old through these exercises.  Her feet don't pop up, but her legs do want to move.

      I found the definition of Tonic Neck Reflex on Medline Plus:  The TONIC NECK REFLEX occurs when you move the head of a child who is relaxed and lying on his back to the side. The arm on the side where the head is facing reaches straight away from the body with the hand partly open. The arm on the side away from the face is flexed and the fist is clenched tightly. Turning the baby's face in the other direction reverses the position. The tonic neck position is often described as the fencer's position because it looks like a fencer's stance.
    This is the exercise they feel will squash that reflex.

The lady in the video in my next post explains the tonic labyrinthine reflex and issues that may be seen in those who retain this reflex.

      The psychologist asked how my daughter liked her Brain Balance session.  I told her that she found it boring and she was really tired.  The tiredness is expected, but the psychologist did say she would ask the instructors to step it up a notch to help her enjoy her time there.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to see her in action through the viewing window.

     Also I discovered that the $515 nutrition lab fee is not covered in the $6,000 tuition fee.  That was not a happy moment.  This week I am writing down everything she eats to have it reviewed by a nutritionist. Hopefully it won't be too bad considering I graduated in the top 6% of my class in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and worked as a nutrition counselor for 7+ years.  I think I won't tell them that and just listen to what they have to say.

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