Saturday, March 22, 2014

     Friday, my daughter went up an age level in lateral core, fine motor and dichotic listening.  They wouldn't show me the evaluation sheet that is used to measure her due to copyright and protecting their business.  The lady who allowed me to take a picture of it last time was told she was not allowed to do that anymore.  I perfectly understand their reasoning and feel bad for getting the lady in trouble. On the other hand they were more than happy to tell me exactly what is being measured and how she levels up.  
           Lateral core is tested by holding a position while lying on your side.  Once she is able to hold that position for so many seconds three Brain Balance days in a row, she levels up.  Prone core is holding a position while lying on your stomach and supine core is lying on your back.  Fine motor is where they test how fast she can put the pins in the equipment that I showed on March 9th.  Dichotic listening is when she hears two words in both ears and has to give you both.  With this they are more concerned with her being able to get both words at the same time than how many words she is able to give.  Brachiation is her hanging from a bar, which I have discovered is more difficult than going across the monkey bars.  My middle daughter tried holding on to the monkey bar at the park and was having a difficult time, but she was able to go back and forth on the monkey bars with no trouble.
      I expressed my concern that it is difficult as a homeschooling mom to see the results in attention deficit and academics.  Dr. Naumann told me she would give me a test to give her at home and another one the following week so I could see her improvement.  They don't spend a lot of time on academics because they are not there to tutor, but to grow the brain.  They say by not staying on one subject for too long it helps the brain learn to quickly process things.  Dr. Naumann says she is doing fantastic.  The things I have noticed as a parent is her increase in athletic skills and a little bit more self recognition.   She said to me this week she was answering someone's question and realized that she was giving them a longer answer than they wanted.  I don't think she has ever before recognized people checking out when she talks a bit longer than desired.  Dr. Seuss must have been around some ADHD people when he wrote "Good bye Thing you sing too long!"
    We are behind on our nutrition assessment because she had her bottom braces put on her teeth and she has been consuming mostly smoothies for a week.  We should be turning in her 7 days of nutrition diary next week.

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