Tuesday, March 4, 2014

     I went to Brain Balance today to get the names from the binder.  I was only able to get seven names as most of the testimonies were not signed with a last name.  While I was there I was able to speak to a fellow former North Carolinian who was more than happy to give me her opinion of Brain Balance.  Because I failed to ask her permission to publish her story, I will call her "T".  Next interview I will try to remember to ask for permission.
     T says she should be the poster mom for Brain Balance because she loves them so much.  She agreed the price was a lot and that is why she did not sign up right away.  She has two children with autism and was thinking there was a link between their nutrition and autism.  She could not get any doctor to test them for food intolerance because they said those tests are not valid.  After T questioned a lot of different people (the internet failed her just as it had me) she decided she would enroll one child to see how it went before enrolling the other.  Two weeks later she enrolled the other child because the change was that quick.

    Brain Balance warned T that what she was experiencing was the honeymoon phase and she would not continue to see the changes as rapidly as she did the first week.  Her family has been going to Brain Balance for about two months and I saw one of her sons in the lobby.  He seemed like a normal young child to me. T says she feels the foods they have eliminated have helped tremendously.  Gluten was a food they had expected, but they were surprised to find out that her child also did not tolerate chicken.  T is continuing to see improvements in her children, but she agrees that the pace of their improvement has slowed.  She was also told that the child with the more severe autism will need another set of sessions later.

    The immediate changes in her son T observed during his first week of Brain Balance started when he walked out of the office.  He was walking in a straight line, where before he would zig-zag everywhere he walked.  Then at home she asked him to make his bed and he went and made his bed.  She only had to ask once, where she usually has to ask 20 or more times.  His social interactions had improved too.

   So I have one very positive review.  I have seven names to contact to get their opinions.  I would like to know opinions of those who experienced Brain Balance years ago and if they feel it made a long term difference.  Thank you for reading my post and please continue to share it with others if you feel they may know someone who has experienced Brain Balance.

Thank you!  And thanks to T for talking with me about the program.

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