Wednesday, March 26, 2014

       Monday, my daughter went up another level in proprioception.  So they feel she is getting a better sense of where she is in her surroundings, but apparently that does not mean she is successful at spacial awareness among other objects.  The book suggests games like Perfection, which is a game meant for little kids.  My three year old loves it and my thirteen year old finds it ridiculously easy.  I told Dr. Naumann about our Blokus game we played Sunday night and my frustration that she would try to put pieces where they wouldn't fit.  She said that Blokus is now a part of her daily homework because it helps build spacial awareness.  Dr. Naumann also suggested the game, Rush Hour, to help with her spacial reasoning.  As her spacial reasoning improves so should her ability to do math.

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  1. How do you play these games? Are there instructions online?