Thursday, March 20, 2014

     So my daughter went up another age level in supine core, prone core, upper body, balance beam and brachiation by one year.  So in two weeks her strength has improved by two years.  I was talking to her about brachiation and she said that she was only able to hold on to the monkey bars to the count of four.  I thought she was able to go across at least half way.  It is supposed to be 77 degrees on Saturday, I'm going to take her to the park and see for myself.
     All of her homework exercises seem to be entirely too easy for her, where it was not so easy when we started this at the beginning of last week.  When I go tomorrow I will ask if they want us to do something else.  I am also making sure that she listens at least three times a day to the Brain Balance music in the left ear.  Here is what they have to say about it.

     My daughter has "With Wolves and Whales" which is located at the bottom of in case you want to hear for yourself some of the samples she listens to everyday.

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